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Artifact ID: 1116 Collection: LAM

Catalog NumberDate CollectedLocationSite NumberMaterialMethodAgeCirca
0426 Honduras stone (quartz?)carved and ground
stone head, crude see 0424. (Mask 2" x 2.375" x .5" thick. DHM) Edward Payne Collection - "Mounds between the Ulua River and Chamelecon River. 40 miles from coast of the Carribean Sea. Beginning at Premento and running about Travesia (?) along Ulua River 25 miles" - Don F. Dickson

"The Ulua River (Spanish: Río Ulúa) is a river in western Honduras. It rises in the central mountainous area of the country close to La Paz and runs 150 miles approximately due northwards to the east end of the Gulf of Honduras. En route, it is joined by the Suiaco River, the Otoro River and the Chamelecon River." - Wikipedia)