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Artifact ID: 44 Collection: LAM

Catalog NumberDate CollectedLocationSite NumberMaterialMethodAgeCirca
0630 1941Pratt City Hall46 KA 31shellcarverd, drilled and engraved
Rattle snake design shell gorgets 5.5" x 4.5" and 5" x 4.5" Copper stains are visible on the design side of the gorget"These two shell gorgets were found in a grave opened up while digging the foundation for the city hall in Pratt W. Va. A WPA gang found them and the time keeper Mr. Howell(?) P. Johnson (now an engineer for the C&O) got them. This was in 1936. He gave them to me in 1941. The bone object (catalog No. 6320 was also found with these objects. .....Two holes are drilled near the top in each... For a similar shell gorget see page 338 of the 12th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology. The designs are identical. Richard G. Morgan, Curator Ohio State Museum say they belong to the Middle Mississippi Culture and are found most frequently in Tennessee. Thurston & Webb call the designs rattlesnake designs. Plate 121. Buie 1)8. Bureau of Am. Ethnology. (Webb)

The (Southern Cult) rattlesnake design is associated with females (Bob Maslowski).