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Artifact ID: 189
Collection ID: DHM
Catalog Number: 9057
Date Collected: 5/12/86
Location: Chancay Valley, Peru
State: Co: Num:
Chancay Valley
Material: llama wool textile
Method of Manufacture: woven
Age (Historic, Proto-Historic, Prehistoric, etc): Prehistoric
Circa (eg. 500 BCE): modern use of ancient fabric
Description: Chancay burial dolls, three figures mounted on a plaque 7" x 6.5"
History: Xmas gift from Janie, obtained from Caddo Trading Co. (whose label had a date of 2000 BC???) - Whether this is actually a tomb offering, or is of modern manufacture from ancient textiles is not clear. Many similar textile offerings have been found and can be seen at the American Museum of Natural History. These are probably modern reproductions made from ancient fabric, as the faces are embroidered rather than woven into the cloth.

Contemporary indigenous women in Peru use tattered textile fragments from Pre-Columbian gravesites. They are representative of similarly constructed dolls sold in Lima tourist markets (Reid 2931).