Catalog Project

Leslie A. Martin began seriously collecting and cataloging artifacts in the early 1930's, prior to the establishment of the Smithsonian's trinomial system. He experimented with at least one other catalog, as he attempted to decide what information to record and how to record it.

This site ( began as a database of all of the entries from his catalogs linked to scanned images of the artifacts. A table was set up with fields for any of the possible information gleaned from his entries or from the actual artifacts. Some items were missing, some entries were double numbered and some numbers were skipped*. Descriptions were sometimes based on erroneous interpretations or the limited archaeological knowledge of the times, and I attempted to address these problems in the database entry while maintaining the integrity of the original entries in his (LAM's) journals. I have noted these records with LAM and DHM to distinguish remarks where appropriate. To further document the collection, a scan of the original catalog entry is included (LAM's entries end with 0875). The links below are to the scanned journals and occaisional photos contained within the journals

When all the original information was entered, the database allowed, through sorting and grouping of records, blank fields to be filled. Sites could be identified by the trinomial system and newer information added. There was also, a multitude of artifacts that were not included in any of the original catalogs. These were also added to the table with new assigned numbers and what data that could be determined. Labels and dates on the artifacts themselves, sometimes revealed locations based on other notes in LAM's journals regarding field trips.


  1. Entries for No.161 and 162 were skipped
  2. Pages 58 and 59 were glued together intentionally
  3. LAM's entry 434 was duplicated - now 0434 and 0434b
  4. LAM's entry 731 was duplicated - now 0731 and 0731_1
  5. LAM's entry 778 was duplicated - now 0778 and 0778_br
  6. LAM's entry 814 was duplicated - now 0814 and 0814_1
  7. LAM's entry a3 was duplicated - now a3 and a3_1
  8. LAM's entry B9(0496) was duplicated - now B9(0496) and B9_1