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Art_ID: 1541
Site Parson's farm
Country: US
Site Number 46 MS 71
Culture: Fort Ancient
References: Burial Orientation

Table 2. Late Prehistoric and Early contact sites showing percentage of burials with heads to the east
Buffalo46PU3184.4% Hanson 1975:23
Rolfe Lee 46MS5173.6% Youse 1965:22
Mount Carbon 46FA7 70.4% Broyles 1973:5-7
Burning Spring Br46KA143 100.0%Pullins et al. 2008:745
Orchard 46MS61 34.6% Broyles 1973:61-67
Parsons Farm46MS7133.3% Broyles 1973: 51-52

Parsons is strange because of the burial mound and the burial orientations, only 33.3% east where the other Fort Ancient sites have high % with heads to the east (Siouan rather than Shawnee). - Bob Maslowski