Site Parson's farm
Site Number 46 MS 71
Culture: Fort Ancient
References: Burial Orientation

Table 2. Late Prehistoric and Early contact sites showing percentage of burials with heads to the east
Buffalo46PU3184.4% Hanson 1975:23
Rolfe Lee 46MS5173.6% Youse 1965:22
Mount Carbon 46FA7 70.4% Broyles 1973:5-7
Burning Spring Br46KA143 100.0%Pullins et al. 2008:745
Orchard 46MS61 34.6% Broyles 1973:61-67
Parsons Farm46MS7133.3% Broyles 1973: 51-52

Parsons is strange because of the burial mound and the burial orientations, only 33.3% east where the other Fort Ancient sites have high % with heads to the east (Siouan rather than Shawnee). - Bob Maslowski

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Artifacts from Martin Collection:


string of 16 shell beads (olive shells) Found by Pauley, Barnette and Mairs in a grave 5 miles north of Pt. Pleasant on the Parson farm


unfinished bead ash pit find


bone awl 3.5" found in ash pit in a grave mound on the Parson's farm. LAM "this and all other articles from the Parson's farm were found in a large mound in which approximately 15 burials have been found to date"


bone awl 3.75" see 0662


antler plug 3.5" long LAM found near the head of a burial in a mound on the Parson's farm. Nothing else with the burial. Body on right side, head to the south and facing east. Knees to the chest.


bone tube 3.875" found by J. C. Pauley in a burial


splinter awl 3.5" found by J. C. Pauley


12 bone beads part of a string of 74 Found by Barnette in grave of a small child. Probably about 3 years old (Parson's farm mound). Along with the 74 bone beads, which were around the hips of the child, were a string of small anaculosa(?) beads around the right wrist. Around the neck was a necklace of shell beads similar to 0660 and 12 one-hole shell buttons ranging in size from half a dollar to a penny.